• Why GIFTIT?

    GIFTIT is the most practical way of modern gifting. Why limit their choices to a one store voucher or send them unwanted gifts when you can gift them the freedom of choice with GIFTIT Gift Card.

  • Why GIFTIT Gift Card?

    Unlike all other gifts, GIFTIT Gift card grants the celebrant the full freedom of buying what they really want from a wide range of options in our GIFTIT Online store; mall gift cards, store vouchers, 1500+ diversified products and cash refunds to UAE bank accounts.

  • Why Giftit online store?

    Giftit online store has 10 categories covering all occasions and tastes; from Mall Gift Cards, multi brands vouchers, experiences, chocolates, flowers and a unique collection of gifts.

  • What services does GIFTIT offer?

    Individual Gifting: Instant GIFTIT Gift card for all occasions

    Group Gifting: Collective gifting where family & friends can come together to send Giftit Gift Card to the celebrant a bigger and more valuable gift.

    GIFTIT Online Store: A wide range of selected gifting solutions for all occasions.

    Giftit Registry:  Send online invitations with personalised card to invitees, manage RSVPs and grant the invitees an opportunity to gift you a Giftit Gift Crad that you can redeem on the online store or request a cash refund to UAE bank account.

  • What are the fees for Giftit Gift Cards?

    ONLY ONE DIRHAM! No matter the occasion or sending Giftit gift card individually or in group our fees is only one dirham per transaction towards Giftit gift cards.

  • How safe is GIFTIT?

    GIFTIT is fully PCI compliant. GIFTIT never has access to your credit card information. Your payment information is securely transmitted directly to our payment processor STRIPE without it ever passing through our servers. STRIPE is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. You can learn more about STRIPE at www.stripe.com, receiving your money is just as safe.

Gift Givers

  • How will the celebrants benefit from using GIFTIT Gift Card?

    People love the convenience that GIFTIT Gift Card provides. They won’t be limited to one specific store, mall or receive an unwanted gift. You will gift them the freedom of choice with GIFTIT Gift Card to select from wide options; mall gift cards, multi store vouchers, 1500+ diversified products on GIFTIT online store and cash refund to UAE bank account.

  • Can i collect for two or more recipients at the same group gift?

    YES! you can create the group gift and once all contributions collected you will be able to split it from your dashboard under 'My Group Gifts' to many recipients as you planned.

  • Is it acceptable to send Group Gift to my own occasion?

    Absolutely! People prefer to gift their beloved ones what they really want and love. By providing your guests the opportunity to gift you from the comfort of their home with just a click of a button, you’re saving them the struggle of choosing the right gift. Now you can also send online invitations with personalised card and manage RSVPs same time with Giftit Registry service.

  • How will I know when the recipient receives GIFTIT Gift Card?

    In addition to the automatic email sent by Giftit; you will be able to send it directly from your own social media channels for confirmation of receipt. Also on your dashboard you can check if the voucher has been redeemed or not.

  • In case my gift recipient did not redeem GIFTIT Gift Card and it is about to expire, can I use it?

    YES! If the gift card wasn’t used by your recipient , you can easily add the gift card code to your gift bag and use it to buy what you want from the Giftit Online store. However the code can only be in one gift bag at a time.

  • Can I use the collected group gift directly on the online store?

    YES! All you need is to create a gift card code from your dashboard and add it to your gift bag that you can use on Giftit online store to buy what you want and send it directly to the recipient.

  • What if the gift receipient didn't want any of the gifting options avaialbe on the online store?

    At Giftit we gurantee 100% the best gifting experience; if the gift reciepent couldn't find their perfect gift, they can request a cash refund on our homepage and we will issue it in 48 hours to the Gift Card owner's UAE bank account (T&Cs apply).

  • How do Group Gifting works?

    Group Gifting Made Simple! ICreate a group gift on Giftit and send the link via WhatsApp or Email to all friends & family to chip in.
    1. You will be bale to manage contributions on your dashboard under my group gits.

    2. You can choose to split the collected amounts on more than one recipient with the percentages you prefer

    3. You can then send Giftit Gift Card to the recipient via WhatsApp or email.   


Gift Recipients

  • I received a link for a GIFTIT Gift Card, what’s next?

    Congratulations! You have friends who want to gift you the freedom of choice – you will need to register or login on www.Giftit.me and add GIFTIT Gift Card code in your gift bag. then you can use it to buy anything from Giftit online store; mall gift cards, multi-store vouchers, 1500+ diversified products or cash refund to UAE bank account.

  • How to redeem GIFTIT Gift Card on Giftit online store?

    After you add GIFTIT Gift Card code in your gift bag, please visit Giftit online store and select your favourite gift (Mall gift card, Store vouchers, unique gifts &/or experiences). At the checkout you will be able to select which Gift card code you want to redeem and the payment will be adjusted accordingly.

  • Do I have to use the Giftit Gift card amount all at once?

    No! Giftit Gift card can be used as many times as you want till the funds are finished. You can also use it on diffrent options (i.e buy your favorite perfume and refund the remainder).

  • Can I return a product from your online store?

    There is no return or refunds on gift cards, vouchers and customised gifts. In case the product is damaged or not as per the quality advertised, you can return the product directly to the vendor and you can choose any other product from the same vendor (or get a Giftit Gift Card of the same value). In case of any difficulty please contact us on info@giftit.me and our team will do their best to ensure a smooth and happy experience.

  • What if I didn't want any of the gifting options on the online store?

    At Giftit we gurantee 100% the best gifting experience; if you couldn't find your perfect gift please opt to teh cash refund option and we will issue you a full cash refund on the Gift card code owner's UAE bank account (T&Cs apply).

  • How can I enrol in the monthly gift provided by Giftit.me?

    All you need is to take a picture of the gift you received, tag your gift giver and Giftit_uae on Instagram and you will automatically be enrolled for a withdrawal of a gift basket worth AED500 that you can share with your friends.