About Us


Who we are

“Giftit main concept came to me when I hosted three birthday parties for my three kids - with lots of love from friends and family we received almost 60+ gifts, out of which we only used 11. The rest of the gifts I either had to return, if the store allowed, or regift to others.


At that moment I realized the power of “gifting them the freedom of choice” where I can receive all those gifts in one voucher that I can redeem and buy the gift I really love or need. Then I introduced Giftit in May 2020 where it reached its spike with everyone using it at their own convenience especially with teacher gifting, baby showers, weddings and all other occasions.


With the feedback I received from our beloved clients and their trust in our services, we managed to expand and launch our very first online marketplace that includes all gifting solutions from mall gift cards, store vouchers, big brands products, toys, fashion, chocolates and flowers and very unique products provided by different mompreneurs across the UAE. In addition, our own Giftit e-vouchers redeemable on all those options to gift the celebrant the freedom of choice!


Our team members are all very inspiring and dedicated moms who bring with them unique talents to drive the business in the best way to ease and simplify gifting solutions to all our clients. Not only this and also support all small businesses managed by talented mompreneurs through partnerships.” Radwa Salem, Giftit founder.


Today we have been recognized as one of the fastest growing startups in the UAE in 2020; reaching 30,000+ active users and the only website offering multiple options of choosing the right gift.


Our Values

Meaningful, practical and easy gifting - Why limit our beloved ones to one store or send them unwanted gifts while we can offer them the freedom of choice!


Our Mission

Be the one stop shop for all gifting solutions to all occasions suiting everyone's needs and budgets.Either in group or individually we aspire to be your one stop shop for all your gifting solutions and support you in choosing the right gift at your fingertips.