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VTech Pop-a-balls - Pop & Ball Tower

VTech Pop-a-balls - Pop & Ball Tower

Sold By : Giftit FZ-LCC

Price : AED347
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The popping never stops with the pop-a-ball pop & play tower by VTech ! drop, pop and roll the balls down this colourful towers spiral tracks! which way will the balls go? watch as they roll down the different slides, triggering fun responses as they come into contact with the multiple spinners and stoppers! the pop & play tower includes a seesaw, 3 colourful lights and 6 multi-coloured balls with storage Press the music button for 4 sing-along songs and 15 melodies! push down on the floor button to see the balls launch up and pop out of the tower!

Product Size: 6 - 12 Months

Delivery days: 2 days