Set of 4 Glossy Turkish Plates

Set of 4 Glossy Turkish Plates

Sold By : Nest/ The Nest LLC

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Handmade Turkish Ceramic Plates with traditional, authentic styles and unique designs. These plates are carefully made by experienced Turkish artisans with great attention to detail! The vibrant colors and patterns are bound to add life to any room! As these are handmade, each one is unique and may slightly differ from each other in design! They make stylish gifts for your loved ones! Each of the plates is handpainted and carefully processed, which protects the color vitality and texture for long years.

Delivery days: 2 days

Product Size: Weight (total): 1kg, Plate diameter: 12cm

Handmade Gifts

This product is handmade and produced per each order so it might slightly vary from the image and requires vendor confirmation.